ThumbsUp Nails - Cres

Model: TU-E07

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Product Description

Cres uses our latest metallic printing technique to create a romantic rose gold effect. Paired with the unique french and reverse french design.

Effect: Metallic

Each pack includes:
2 sheet of 10 nail wraps
Total 20 nail wraps

Recommended to use with Little Ondine Glossy Clear Top Coat, Little Ondine Matte Top Coat, or UV/LED gel lamp as other top coats may cause shrinking effect to the nail wraps.


About Thumbs Up Nails

Fun, bold and utterly unique, Thumbs Up Nails retails a gorgeous range of stick-on nail wraps. At Thumbs Up, we believe in nail art that makes a powerful statement of who you are and what makes you different. The company is committed to quality and ensures every piece meets the highest salon standards. All products are extension friendly, easy to apply and long-lasting.


 How to Use




Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How long do ThumbsUp Nail Wraps last?
A: They last up to 10 days.

Q: Are Thumbs Up Nails safe for pregnant women?
A: ThumbsUp nail wraps are safe for pregnant women. The adhesive has passed the highest industry test from 3M. Unlike traditional polishes, ThumbsUp does not expose harmful fumes to users.

Q: Can I shower or submerge into water with the nail wraps on?
A: Absolutely! ThumbsUp Nail Wraps are waterproof.

Q: Do I have to apply top coat to all ThumbsUp Nail Wraps?
A: You can add a top coat if you wish to all our wraps. However, Special Effect wraps have their own unique top coat and applying a coating to these can interfere with their effect.

Q: What if the nail wraps are too big for my nails?
A: The wraps are designed to allow for easy trimming to enable a perfect fit your nails and cuticle shapes. A traditional nail clipper should do the job.

Q: How do I remove ThumbsUp Nail Wraps?
A: Peeling and using nail polish remover.