Whats Up Nails Regular Straight Tape

Model: WU-08

All countries

Product Description

Straight and accurate lines, every time! Our Straight patterns work great for edging, striping or sectioning your nail designs. The regular straights are the slimmer of the two straights we offer but are long and will fit even the longest nails when used vertically.

Each strip: 1 1/8in (28mm) width x 1/16in (1.8mm) height.

Each sheet contains 12 sections with 15 straight strips each, or 180 strips.

Material: vinyl

One time use

Made in Arizona, USA



How to Use

  • Apply nail tape/stencils on completely dry nails free of oily residues. You can use fast dry top coat over colored nail polish to make your base polish dry faster and to create a flat surface which helps the product stick better. If you choose to apply stickers on your bare nails we recommend you create this same flat surface by applying a layer of clear nail polish or fast dry top coat.
  • Try peeling stencils from different directions if you have trouble with smaller pieces not remaining on the backing paper.
  • Push tape/stencils to the nail using a finger, especially paying attention to the areas near skin, cuticles and the tips of long nails. You can always cut nail tape to size if they are too long and cut stencils to help them form better to the tip of the nail.
  • Apply nail polish across the tape/stencil. Try to use fresh or thinned polishes as gloopy or thicker nail polishes won't work. Shimmery nail polishes work the best. For better results with stencils we try using a sponge to apply nail polish, similar to ombre design.
  • After applying polish, remove all product pieces as soon as possible for accurate lines. Use tweezers or nippers for more accurate results.
  • Remove extra nail polish from your skin by using a flat brush dipped in acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Wait until your design has completely dried before applying a top coat. Use fresh or thinned top coat and hold your brush parallel to your nail to prevent smearing.
  • If you want to leave stickers on your nails you should apply 1-2 thick layers of top coat to seal stickers completely to the nail.