OPI Shiner XL 1000/4000 雙面拋光銼

Model: OP-T013



OPI produce high quality and highly pigmented shades they also carry a huge range of colours and are constantly adding more collections and core shades. Also they create many nail treatments and accessories designed to help improve the condition of your nails.

  • Buffs enhancements to a brilliant, glass-like shine.
  • Featuring a sturdy 1/2-inch thickness, the FLEX Shiner XL 1000/4000 Buffer shines faster and with less effort.
  • It offers a firmer buffing surface allowing more file pressure to finish natural nails and gels/acrylics with a brilliant, glass-like shine in seconds.
  • FLEX design with soft foam core for gentle, cushioned buffing.
  • Use the violet 1000-grit side first, followed by the white 4000-grit side for shine in less time!