Curali 美甲印花板 005 Esoterical

Model: CU-005



Curali 美甲印花板 005 Esoterical

Witchy and magical design for an eye-catching nail art. Full nail design wich include Sun, Moon, planets, stars, tarot, and much more… Plates can be used to decorate other things besides from nail art such as making accessories, jewelry crafts, mobile designs, handmade crafts etc


尺寸:12 x 6 cm


1. Apply base coat on nails and let it dry completely. Use Liquid Palisade around nails to prevent your skin from nail polish during stamping.
2. Apply Kaleidoscope special nail polish on image within a plate. Kaleidoscope stamping polishes are perfect for stamping.
3. Remove excessive polish with the scraper.
4. Press the stamp to pick up the design and then stamp it onto nail.
5. Stamp the image onto nail by pressing on it.
6. After your polish dries completely, cover your image with a top coat.
7. Clean the image plate and stamper with oil free polish remover. Do all the steps quickly, otherwise the nail polish will dry out and you won't be able to stamp the design onto your nails.